Friday, June 18, 2010

D'Amore's Pizza

D'Amore's Pizza
8369 W 3rd St
Ste D
Los Angeles

I have heard many good things about D'Amore's Pizza. But while doing a search for their locations, I found a few places with the name D'Amore's but they aren't connected with D'Amore's. There are only seven D'Amore's locations and they can be found on D'Amore's website. I went to the 3rd St. location, that is near The Smoking Joint, another restaurant that I have reviewed. I compare all New York style pizza places to Village Pizzeria, so D'Amore's has a lot to live up to.

I ordered the medium sausage pizza with two slices just cheese, $14.95. They got the order correct!! The crust is the key for New York style pizza. If it isn't good, the pizza won't be good. D'Amore's crust was OK, not as good as Village Pizzeria. But the amount and quality of cheese was great. There was also a ton of sausage; pretty mild, not spicy but flavorful.

I liked the pizza but didn't love the pizza.

Service was very good. Nice people and the pizza got out quickly.

D'Amore's didn't live up to the hype but still a very solid NY style pizza.