Sunday, June 20, 2010

The BBQ Shack and Grill-Closed

The BBQ Shack and Grill
228 N Gaffey St
San Pedro

My holy grail for BBQ pork spare ribs is; Phillips BBQ. But I have found a BBQ restaurant that comes damn close to Phillips. I met the owner of The BBQ Shack and Grill at the Que N for Kids/ OC BBQ Festival, where he placed 1st in chicken-at BBQ competitions chicken thighs are judged and 15th overall. That was his first competition and finishing 16th out of 57 competitors is damn good.

I called up a friend, who is from Kansas City and loves BBQ, and we made the drive to The BBQ Shack and Grill.

Spare rib plate, $5.99, with mac and cheese. Three beautifully smoked spare ribs came in this great deal. The bark is a bit sweeter than I like but it good. But the ribs are great!! So tender; for you novice rib eaters, falling off the body is too well done. These ribs pulled away from the bone easily but had a bit of a pulled, the sign of a perfectly smoked ribs. There was very little fat, and lots of meat on the bones. Just a wonderful, example of BBQ spare ribs.

The mild BBQ sauce had chili flakes inside, so it is a bit more spicy than other mild BBQ sauces. But it added a nice flavor to the ribs.

Mac and cheese, sorry I forgot to take a picture, was very creamy but a bit bland.

Service was great. The owner is very friendly and helpful.

The ribs were so damn good. They only accept cash, no plastic. But I would go back to The BBQ Shack and Grill anytime!!