Monday, February 15, 2010

Barbie's Q

Barbie's Q

For some unknown, strange reason people in LA love following these food trucks. Why people would want to chase a truck, then wait 2-3 hours in line for the food is beyond me. Yeah the grilled chese truck maybe cool. The ice cream truck would be cool. But this food truck trend is stupid.

I've reviewed Don Chow, and Kogi Taco Truck. With Kogi, the first time I went I wasn't impressed. I only went he second time because a friend wanted to try it. I still wasn't impressed and I wasted two hours waiting in line. While Don Chow was awesome, I wouldn't wait in a two hour line for the food. I just happened to be in the are where Don Chow had set up.

This past weekend, there was a food truck street fair and it cost $5 to get in plus the cost of food. Lines 2-3 blocks long, people waiting 2-3 hours in line and being denied admission because there were already too many people in line. No way am I dealing with that.

But I did hear that Barbie's Q was going to be in Echo Park tonight and with no traffic because of the President's Day holiday, I drove out to Echo Park to try their ribs. They were scheduled to be there at 8pm. I got there about ten minutes before 8pm and they were already selling BBQ. There were only 2-3 people in line. So almost no wait!! But there were also no tables to eat the ribs. There was a ton of construction going on Beverly and Alvarado, so a friendly concrete barrier provided a place to put the food, so I can take a picture. I went to the nearest McDonald's to eat the ribs and mac and cheese.

I got a side of mac and cheese,$4. Really this was 90% macaroni and 10% cheese. It was so dry and bland. Where is the cheese in this!!! Not good at all and a waste of $4.

Three St. Louis ribs and cole slaw, $2 per rib, buy three or more ribs and get one side. Barbie's only has St. Louis pork spare ribs, so I got three ribs and my side was cole slaw.

The cole slaw had very little mayo, so dry. The cabbage was fresh but man put some mayo on it.

The ribs were OK but overcooked. BBQ should not be falling off the bone. It should have some give to it. If you take a bite and the meat comes off the bone, it is overcooked. This did have a nice smoke flavor and almost no fat.

The BBQ sauce was a tomato based sauce with a mild tanginess and spice. Pretty good sauce.

Service was very good. The man taking orders was very nice and friendly.

I would go back but I wouldn't drive a long way to try it and I wouldn't wait in line over ten minutes.