Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 Kinds of Smoke BBQ-Closed

7 Kinds of Smoke BBQ
4838 S Eastern Ave.

I first had the BBQ ribs from 7 Kinds of Smoke at Que'n For Kids. I was impressed with the ribs and couldn't wait to try their ribs when they opened their restaurant.

7 Kinds of Smoke BBQ is located in a strip mall that only has a food court. I was hungry and I got the dinner portion of the pork ribs, $10.98, with two sides, double mac and cheese. I'll get to the price later.

The ribs were not as good as the ones I had at Que n for Kids. The meat was too soft, mushy, and pretty flavorless. They also lacked any seasoning and there was little smoke flavor.

The mac and cheese were bland, no seasonings at all.

Service was OK. The girl was pretty friendly but here is what I hate about the restaurant industry; they never tell you about the costs.

After placing my order, she said would you like anything to drink, I asked, 'Is that included?' She sheeplessly said no. Then later I found that mac and cheese are $1 extra. But that isn't clear on the menu board, which is really a vinyl banner. Plus the girl should tell you that when ordering.

I wouldn't go back to 7 Kinds of Smoke. The BBQ ribs are not good at all and the sneeky service leaves a lot to be desired.