Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Catch

The Catch
2100 E. Katella Ave.

What used to be an Anaheim Stadium tradition has returned! The Catch, used to be across State College Blvd, from Anaheim Stadium. With Anaheim whoring itself to the Mouse, the city torn down the old location, in order to build condos. The new location for the catch is the street level of a condo complex, that is now renting, because of the housing market crash.

I wanted to try The Catch's happy hour, before thinking of going back for dinner. They have $6 specials for happy hour, including calamari. So I got the calamari.

The calamari was a tale of two batches, in one plate. One side was nice fresh calamari, fried in a light batter, that was cripsy and wonderful. The other side had the same crispy batter but the calamari was just a mushy mess!!! Not impressed but for $6, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Service was interesting. The first server, was a nice, friendly server who was very attentive. For some reason the server was sent home, maybe because it was slow, at the time but got busy by the time I left.

The second server was below average. She didn't come around that often and the worst, she asked if I needed change!!! She didn't even look inside that thing they put the bill in. Very rude.

What was also rude was the hostess or somebody. I was meeting about ten other people and found the perfect spot for us, a corner area by the bar. I sat down and all of a sudden this bitch with glasses, comes and places a reserved sign at the other end of the table. She never looked at me, never said anything to me, until I ask what was going on. She said we are reserving that for 3-4 people. I said what about my group. What a stupid bitch.

I would never go back to this crappy place again. The service is terrible, the food is terrible, the entire experience was terrible. I don't see this new edition of The Catch lasting too long.