Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don Chow Taco Truck

Don Chow Taco Truck

Much like Kogi Taco Truck, Don Chow Taco Truco is an Asian-Mexican fusion that is sweeping the tastebuds of LA. While Kogi is Korean and Mexican, Don Chow is Chinese and Mexican fusion. Don Chow seems to serve mostly the pretentious Westside but I found them in Chinatown.

I ordered the Chinese BBQ pork taco and Kung Pao Chicken taco, $2 both with a mild sauce. The first thing I noticed about the Chinese BBQ pork, was the large amount of meat in the taco. Much more than Kogi. The BBQ pork was pretty tender and flavorful. A bit different than the Chinese BBQ pork you get from Chinese restaurants with the red coloring. But still good.

The Kung Pao chicken taco, even with a mild sauce, was spicy. Again a huge amount of meat in these tacos. Flavorful though very spicy chicken and fresh onions combined with a mild sauce. The one thing about these tacos, they are HOT, right off the grill.

Since Don Chow and Kogi are two different Asian foods, comparing them to each other is like comparing apples and oranges. But Don Chow has much more meat in the tacos and I think the overall quality, price and taste is better. When I say taste, Don Chow makes a very good kung pao chicken taco. While the Korean short rib taco from Kogi is just OK.

Service is good. Plus the guy taking the money can add and isn't a clueless idiot like at Kogi. The last time I went to Kogi, the line was moving so slow because the guy taking the money couldn't add $2 + $2. What an idiot. You don't face that problem with Don Chow.

Don Chow is starting to get more popular but there still aren't the long lines that make Kogi a pain. Plus the lines move faster since the cashier has a clue. Of course if you want Korean-Mexican fusion you go to Kogi. If you want Chinese-Mexican fusion, you go to Don Chow. If you just want to try any type of Asian-Mexican fusion, go to Don Chow.