Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck


After much hype, I've finally made it to Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck. Yes, a Korean-Mexican fusion. Kogi has been talked up in the LA Times, all food blogs, everywhere.

Tonight, Kogi was in Silverlake, at the 4100 Bar. I have read stories about people waiting in line for an hour and Kogi running out of food because the lines were so long. But I got to 4100 by 9pm and met a friend. We talked for awhile, then went outside to wait in line at about 9:45. We were about the 8th people in line. Within ten minutes of waiting in line, there were at least 50 people. People were coming from everywhere.

Kogi has $2 tacos and $5 burritos. I got the spicy pork, chicken, and short rib taco and a short rib burritos. 4100 Bar was nice enough to allow people to bring in their food but I went across the street to the take a picture of the food. A bench at the Jiffy Lube came in handy.

There is a lot of onions in the tacos. There was some meat but $2 worth? No way. I wasn't overwhelmed with any of the tacos. They were OK but not great and certainly not worth waitiing in line for over an hour. The spicy pork wasn't spicy at all. The chicken was pretty bland and the only flavor I got was the onions. The short rib was OK but some of the rib was burnt. Not good.

The burrito has eggs and hash browns, it is more of a breakfast burrito but my burrito didn't have much meat in there. Again it was OK but nothing overwhelming.

Service is pretty good and they do try to get your order ready quickly.

I really think if I was drunk, I would have enjoyed the tacos and burritos more. Hell if Denny's Moon Over MyHammy or Jack in the Box's tacos taste good when I'm drunk, anything will taste good, when I'm drunk.

For me Kogi didn't live up to the hype. I would go back if it was near where I was at, but I would make an extra trip out for it. To be honest, I would prefer going for two tacos at Jack in the Box.