Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nate's Home BBQ-Closed

Nate's Home BBQ
702 W Compton Blvd

Nate's Home BBQ. I can honestly say for the first time in my many BBQ trips, I saw something that I have never seen before. A restaurant using duct tape and writing the prices on the duct tape!!!! But as most readers of The New Diner or Only BBQ Ribs know, I could care less what a place looks like, as long as the food is good.

I ordered the centercut pork ribs dinner, $11.58, with double macaroni salad. What is the centercut ribs? Well if you take a look at a rack of spare ribs, they go from large ribs then get smaller as you go. The larger ribs have more grizzle and bigger rib tips. The center cuts are more leaner. These ribs are smoked on those big 55 gallon oil drums with oak wood. If the pitmaster doesn't know how to do this, the ribs can be very smokey and just plain bad. But at Nate's they do know how to smoke these ribs using that drum. Oh, this isn't really true smoking, since the heat source should not be directly under the meats. But this is damn good BBQ ribs.

The ribs were tender and had lots of smoke flavor. Not much fat or grizzle at all. A damn find example of what BBQ ribs should be. The BBQ sauce has too much of a tomato and vinegar taste. I wasn't a fan but I didn't need the BBQ sauce to enjoy the ribs.

The mac salad was very creamy but I get the idea it is a mass produced item. But I don't care about the sides.

Service is very good. The lady working was very nice and helpful.

I would go back here anytime. The next time I go, I am getting the all beef hot link. This is take out only and there aren't many places nearby to eat. If worse comes to worse, get a soda from the liquor store next door and eat at your car.