Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jinza Teriyaki

Jinza Teriyaki
3425 Pomona Blvd
Ste 1

A friend of mine, who is a foodie in training, told me about Jinza Teriyaki. She said they have good food at good prices. Well I wanted to see for myself.  It's located next to Fresh, a sandwich shop.

I got there about 11:30am and felt as if I was at the food court of Cal Poly Pomona. This was full of students from Cal Poly Pomona. Ginza is a small restaurant with seating for about 16 people.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki and California roll, $6.75. The portions here are huge. I was so full after eating half the chicken and two pieces of the rolls. The chicken was nicely grilled, tender and didn't have a lot of fat on them. They were lightly coated with a teriyaki sauce, which was mild in flavor and didn't overpower the chicken. The salad they give you is nothing more than lettuce and some bits of cabbage and carrots, which was pretty fresh. The CA roll was good and fresh.

Service is good and fast.

I would go back to Jinza anytime. Good food at good prices. They close at 5pm M-F and are not open on the weekends. But if you work or live in the area, you should make a trip to Jinza for lunch.