Thursday, February 26, 2009


3425 Pomona Blvd

After going to Ginza, I noticed that Fresh was next door. Fresh is a sandwich shop and between 2-5pm everyday all cold sandwiches are $3.50. So I decide to drop in for a roast beef, turkey, and cheese sandwich on multi-grain dark bread, $3.50, happy hour price, $4.99 regular price. When you get to the counter, there are slips of paper where you write what you want on your sandwich.

The bread was very interest, a cross between squaw bread and a french roll. It was very good, not as sweet as squaw but fresh baked and a nice texture.

The meats were about Subway quality. Not the best but good. But the meats are also sliced really thin, which isn't a good thing when the bread is thick. They could put more meat on the sandwiches.

Service is good. The lady is very nice and friendly.

I think for the $3.50 price, the sandwich is a good value. At the regular $4.99 price, I think it is overpriced.