Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bob's Big Boy-Pasadena-Closed

Bob's Big Boy-Pasadena
899 E Del Mar Blvd

This Bob's Big Boy is owned by the same owners as the Bob's in Burbank, and this location used to be a Baja Fresh. This is the smallest Bob's I've ever been in. But this does have a more classic dining area, much like Bob's Broiler in Downey, without the car hop service.

While there are many Bob's opening up, the newer locations like the Bob's in West Covina, just do not have that old time feel. When eating there, you feel as though you're eating at any chain restaurant.

But thankfully, the Bob's in Pasadena gives you that old time feel. I got the Big Boy combo $8.29, with ranch dressing on the salad. The salad was your normal everyday salad, iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage and crutons. Fresh, served chilled but could use more dressing.

The Big Boy was a served luke warm. I don't know what it is about Bob's and serving the Big Boy, lukewarm. There is a piece of unmelted cheese, isn't that burger patty hot? Shouldn't it melt the cheese? Oh well, the burger was very good dispite not being served hot. I love that red relish they top the Big Boy with, better than than no so special sauce on a Big Mac.

Service was GREAT. My server's name was Amy and was among the best servers I've ever had. Nice, friendly, helpful, attentive, and really cared about providing a good dining experience. I was never lacking for anything, though another server refilled my drink, she came back to my table at least five times to ask how things were going. I also ordered the chili spaghetti to go, and she was great about putting in the order, later, so that it would be warm and not sitting under heat lamps, while I was eating.

This is the classic example of how servers should act, even if the restaurant isn't that busy. I would say there were about 20 people at Bob's and there were about six servers. When restaurants aren't busy, this doesn't mean it is gossip times for servers. It means that people in the restaurant should get very good service. Amy, gave me great service. I couldn't have asked for better service.

I'm a big fan of Bob's Big Boy. I think the Big Boy is better than a Big Mac. I wish Bob's would improve the way the Big Boy is cooked and served, so it comes to the table hot. I like this Pasadena location because the dining area has an old time feel to it. At the new location they have a corporate feel. This Bob's has the feel of the older Bob's Big Boy. I hope this Bob's does so well, they have to expand. I know if your server is Amy, you will get great service.