Monday, January 25, 2010

La Casita Mexicana

La Casita Mexicana
4030 Gage Ave

Mole, mole, mole. I never really knew what mole was until I heard about La Casita Mexicana, said to have the best mole in the LA area. I was trying to put together a dinner at La Casita Mexicana over the summer, but this didn't work out. I haven't had a chance to go to La Casita Mexicana but decided it was time to go and see what mole was all about.

I got the pork and chicken, three mole; mole poblano, and green and red pipian, $11.95. This included chips and soup of the day. The chips are a precursor to the mole. The sauce on the chips are the same sauces on the chicken and pork. The green pipian was nice and flavorful, not spicy, sorta of like a chile verde. The red pipian was a bit spicier and nice flavor. The mole was too sweet for my tastes. I know there is chocolate in mole but to me this doesn't taste like Mexican food, with all the bold spices and flavors. I wasn't bad, it was very good just not my cup of tea.

The chicken and pork were covered with all three sauces. The chicken breast was cooked just right. I know their chicken dishes would be good. The pork was shredded, well cooked, and tender. I thought the pork worked best with the green pipian and chicken worked best with the red pipian. They were served with nice, warm, fresh tortillas, so I made a soft taco with it.

The soup was a pasta soup. A simple brooth with thin noodles. Nice and hot but lacked flavor.

Service was great. The server was nice and helpful, answering all my questions about mole. He even gave me samples of the lemonade and horchata drinks. The horchata, which is a sweeten, rice water drink was great.He came to my table all the time to check if I needed anything. He was the only server and was giving great service to about six tables, including a party of eight. A great dining experience.

Being in a Latino area, it was so easy to find Coke made in Mexico!!! I rarely pass up a chance to have a Coke made with real sugar, none of that HFCS crap.

I'm glad I tried the mole but it is just not for me. I will stick to the carne asada, carnitas, and chicken. I would go back to La Casita Mexicana and try some of their other items. The flautas, that a couple people at the table of eight, ordered, looked so good. I may try that the next time I go to La Casita Mexicana.