Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8oz Burger Bar-Closed

8oz Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles

2009 marks the 70th anniversary of Nile Kinnick, of Iowa, winning the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding college football player. But Nile Kinnick was more than a football player, he was leader, he was honorable young man, who did what was right. This was shown in his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech:

"Finally, if you will permit me, I'd like to make a comment which in my mind, is indicative, perhaps, of the greater significance of football and sports emphasis in general in this country, and that is, I thank God I was warring on the gridirons of the Midwest and not on the battlefields of Europe. I can speak confidently and positively that the players of this country would much more, much rather, struggle and fight to win the Heisman award than the Croix de Guerre."

Kinnick would not play professional football after his college career at Iowa. Instead he went to law school, finishing 3rd in his class after a year. But after one year in law school went enlisted in the Naval Reserve. Three days before Pearl Harbor, Nile Kinnick was called to active duty. While training in Florida he wrote this:

"There is no reason in the world why we shouldn't fight for the preservation of a chance to live freely, no reason why we shouldn't suffer to uphold that which we want to endure. May God give me the courage to do my duty and not falter."

Later, he added, "Every man whom I've admired in history has willingly and courageously served in his country's armed forces in times of danger. It is not only a duty but an honor to follow their example the best I know how. May God give me the courage and ability to so conduct myself in every situation that my country, my family, and my friends will be proud of me."

He also wrote this- remember this is the early 1940's.

"The inequities in human relationships are many," he wrote, "but the lot of the Negro is one of the worst...kicked from pillar to post, condemned, cussed, ridiculed, accorded no respect, permitted no sense of human dignity. What can be done I don't know.... When this war is over the problem is apt to be more difficult than ever. May wisdom, justice, brotherly love guide our steps to the right solution."

On June 2, 1943, during routine flight training, Nile Kinnick's plane made an emergency landing in the Gulf of Paria, Kinnick's body was never found.

The last letter Nile Kinnick ever sent included this:

"I am so glad you could speak enthusiastically of your visit to Iowa City. That little town means so much to me...It is almost like home. I love the people, the campus, the trees, everything about it. And it is beautiful in the spring...And I hope you strolled off across the golf course just at twilight and felt the peace and quiet of an Iowa evening, just as I used to do."

The Big 11 honors Nile Kinnick at every coin toss before a football game. His face is on the coin. The University of Iowa's football stadium is named after Nile Kinnick.

America lost a potential future President and leader.

Why am I bringing up Nile Kinnick, in a review of 8oz Burger Bar? Well Iowa produces some of the best beef in America.

I was in the area and while I already had a burger the night before at Russell's in Pasadena, I decided to try 8oz Burger Bar.

8oz Burger Bar is another contender of the gourmet burger battle of LA. Father's Office, Umami Burger in Hollywood, Umami Burger on La Brea, and 38 Degrees.

I got the 8oz burger, with lettuce, tomato, onions, 8oz secret sauce, a combo of ketchup, mustard, and mayo, with white cheddar cheese-$10 play $1 for cheese. The burgers are cooked medium rare and I got medium rare. This was a great burger, just awesome!! Juicy, flavorful, tender and just awesome. The meat is a combination of sirloin, tri tip, short rib and chuck, stored in their salt-tiled locker. This is so good and for $11 well worth it and a steal!!! I didn't mind paying the extra $1 for my choice of cheese.

I also got the stout battered onion rings, $4. This was great too. The first bite I took was very salty, but afterwards, each piece was great. Light, crispy, flakey, just wonderful. They could have been hotter, my order was sitting under heat lamps for awhile. But this was one of the best onion rings I've ever had.

Service was great. The hostess was very nice and welcoming. I actually had two servers. The first server was nice and friendly. But I guess I got there just as her shift was over. The second server was fine but not as nice or friendly as the first server. The second server wasn't bad, just not as good as the first server.

I love 8oz Burger Bar and is my favorite in the battle for the best gourmet burger in LA.