Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bill's Chicken-Closed

Bill's Chicken
2234 N Lincoln Ave.
Altadena CA, 91001

I read about Bill's Chicken and decided to go there. But the address I was given had Bill's on Lake in Pasadena. But they moved to Altadena about a year ago, near Christmas Tree Lane. Bill's is more than a chicken restaurant, they serve soul food and some BBQ items.

I got the pork rib dinner, $10.95, with double mac and cheese. When I first saw the ribs, I was like man, oven cooked ribs. But as I was driving the wonderful smell of real BBQ filled my car. The ribs were smoked with red oak. But they were a bit dry and felt as though they had been in the warmer too long. The meat was pretty tender with very little fat. I would like to try this ribs when they are right out of the smoker.

Since Bill's is a chicken place, I tried the fried chicken breast, $2.75. The chicken was sitting under heat lamps. But this was very moist and flavorful!! The skin wasn't crunchy but who cares when the chicken is that moist and flavorful!!

Service was very good. When I called to get directions to their new location, they were very nice and helpful. I was greeted when I walked into the restaurant and everybody working there was nice and friendly.

I would go back to Bill's Chicken, if I'm in the area. I just hope next time, the ribs and chicken right out of the smoker and fryer.