Tuesday, December 22, 2009


30 N Fair Oaks Ave

The sign at Russell's says since 1930. I know that Russell's used to be in Long Beach during the 1980's but now this Pasadena location is the only Russell's left. I heard that Russell's is known for their burgers so I decided to give Russell's a try since I was back in the Pasadena area.

I got the Russell cheeseburger, $8.95, with lettuce, and pickles. You have to request tomato and onions, so I asked for a slice of tomato. The burgers came with your choice sides, I got the salad.

Let me tell you this is among the best appetizer salad I have ever had. The salad came with fresh iceberg lettuce, spinach, shredded carrots, cucumbers, garbonzo beans, and rye bread crutons. This seemed like a regular dinner salad, not an appetizer size. A great great salad.

The burger was cooked well done, was juicy, and flavorful. It was good but nothing outstanding. I was thinking I could get the same burger at any fast food place for about $2 less.

Service was outstanding. I was greeted promptly when I walked in. Both the server and host helped me while I was having dinner. I wasn't lacking for anything and both were very nice. The host even told me that there is free validated parking, for 90 minutes, in the parking structure just behind Russell's.

I didn't think the burgers were anything special at Russell's but the salad and the service was great. I may go back and try other things on Russell's menu but I wouldn't go back for their burgers.