Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mr. G's BBQ-Closed

Mr. G's BBQ
8022 Limonite Ave

When I first read about Mr.G BBQ, I had some high hopes for finding some good BBQ pork spare ribs. But after doing some search, I got the feeling this was going to be an oven cooked ribs. I would classify Mr. G as a soul food restaurant, more than a BBQ restaurant.

I got the lunch pork spare ribs, $8.95, with mac and cheese and smothered potatoes and the 15 piece hot wings, $8.95. The owner was very kind to give me a free fried chicken wing.

The pork spare ribs were oven cooked, thin, and drowned in a sweet BBQ sauce. Not my kind of BBQ. But for those people who think BBQ is what is served at Chili's or Tony Roma's, then you'll love these ribs. Now don't get me, the ribs were good. There is nothing "wrong" with ribs being cooked in an oven. But I'm looking for REAL BBQ. Real BBQ is smoked at low temps and for long periods of times. Oven cooked ribs take a couple hours.

The hot wings were OK. They were crunchy but had little meat inside, even though they look big in the picture. There were some pieces that were too well done, not burnt just fried a bit too long.

The fried chicken wing was huge!! It had a nice crunch and great seasonings!! The meat inside was moist and tender. If the hot wings tasted like the fried wings, things would be great.

Service was great. The owners were nice and friendly. They brought your food to your table and refilled your drinks.

I would not go back to Mr.G's for the BBQ. But I would like to try some of the other soul food items.