Friday, June 26, 2009

China Bowl Express & Louisiana Fried Chicken

China Bowl Express and Louisiana Fried Chicken
2090 S. Garey Ave.

Update the Louisiana Fried Chicken is now closed.

China Bowl Express and Louisiana Fried Chicken is the third location of it's kind in the city of Pomona that The New Diner has reviewed. There was another place called China Bowl Express on Holt Blvd, and they were combined with a Louisiana Fried Chicken. As far as I can tell, that location is now just China Bowl Express, they are not serving fried chicken anymore.

Then I reviewed Golden Wok and Louisiana Fried Chicken. The business model for Louisiana Fried Chicken is to sell their unique recipe to people, who then can combine the fried chicken with their other restaurant.

This China Bowl Express is next door a Food 4 Less. I ordered two breasts, $1.59 each and the two item combo with Chinese BBQ pork and teriyaki chicken, $5.01.

The chicken was fairly big and juicy but it wasn't as crunchy as other Louisiana Fried Chicken places that I have been to before. I thought I got lucky because as I walked in, the chicken was coming out of the fryer. I think what happened was the fryer was overloaded with chicken and/or the oil wasn't hot enough. That is how you get soggy fried chicken. So I wasn't impressed with the chicken.

The Chinese food was pretty good for what it is, fast food style Chinese food. If you're expecting anything else, you're an idiot. The teriyaki chicken was flavorful and tender. The portions are huge, so that is always good.

But the Chinese BBQ pork was a mixture of pork that had been on the steam table for too long and freshly cooked pork. The freshly cooked pork was tender, had that sweet flavor that you get from Chinese BBQ pork but there was a bit too much fat for my tastes. The pork that had been on the table for too had was dry and very chewy, not good.

The fried rice had a few peas and carrots and was just regular fried rice. The chow mein was a bit greasy, but had a good flavor with lots of cabbage.

Service is good. Very nice and friendly people. This China Bowl Express is owned by a different person than the China Bowl Express on Holt.

I wouldn't rush back here for the Chinese food but I wouldn't be against coming back. I would think twice about the fried chicken.