Friday, January 27, 2006

Louisiana Fried Chicken- Pomona-Closed

Louisiana Fried Chicken
642 E. Holt

As you may remember I did a review of the Louisina Fried Chicken location in Long Beach. I was very impressed but Long Beach is a long way from me. So I was glad to hear about Louisiana Fried Chicken opening in Pomona. The Pomona location has been opened for about three months and combined with China Bowl Express.

I ordered the 8 pieces of chicken for $8.11. I tried the breast piece and it was a little more spicy than the Long Beach location but still good. The inside was fairly juicy but nothing will compared to Pollo Campero. Now the chicken wasn't as crunchy as the Long Beach location. Maybe it was sitting under a heat lamp for a little too long.

Overall the Pomona location is good. I would go back the next time I want fried chicken. But I think I prefer the Long Beach location. I will try their Chinese food soon.