Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Frisco's Deli-Closed

Frisco's Deli
18111 Imperial Hwy.
Yorba Linda

I first went to Frisco's Deli about 15 years ago. I was very impressed because they used to roast their own turkey and hand carve the turkey for sandwiches. I decide to go back there and I was very disappointed.

I ordered a small turkey and a small corned beef with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes only for $9.75. I get the turkey sandwich and while it's carved white meat turkey, it's about as dry as a desert. They also put mustard on the sandwich. which I did not ask for. So two strikes right there. The bread was very good. Nice, soft, and very fresh. The turkey was piled high but I would take nice juice turkey piled thin than dry turkey piled high.

The corned beef wasn't that much better and they also put mustard on there, again which I didn't ask for. The corned beef was kinda of tough and didn't have much flavor. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh but the meat makes a sandwich and the meat doesn't stack up.

The service, other than screwing up my order, is friendly and fast.

I later learned that the owner at the time I went sold the deli to a new owner in the mid to late 90's. I'm not impressed at all with the new ownership. I can understand messing up my order, not that I like it, but the quality has really gone down.