Sunday, January 29, 2006

China Bowl Express

China Bowl Express
642 E. Holt

China Bowl Express is in the same store as the Louisina Fried Chicken, I was so impressed with the Louisiana Fried chicken, I decided to try the Chinese food and I was equally impressed. I ordered the two item combo, all fried rice, with teriyaki chicken and Chinese BBQ pork for $4.87

The rice was good, basically white rice with some soy sauce and peas and carrots mixed in. The chicken and pork are both piled high. The pork was good with very little fat and pretty tender.

The teriyaki chicken was good but the teriyaki sauce was bad. I'd advise people to stay away from the teriyaki sauce. China Bowl Express is a very good place for fast Chinese food. The food doesn't sit in steam trays for too long so the food is fresh. The people are very nice and you prices are low. Makes a good combination.

Update March 2, 2006.

Wow, this location has everything. Louisina Fried Chicken, good Chinese food, and now I find it has one of the best and biggest fish and chips around. The fish and chips are $4.64 and as you can see from the pictures the fish are huge. A nice crispy outside and a hot flakey inside. I'm pretty sure the fish is pollock and it's very good. They fry the fish to order so they come to you nice and hot and crunchy.

I would skip the chips (fries) but for the price and quality of the fish, you will not find a better deal anywhere.

I really like going to Louisiana Fried Chicken/China Bowl. Such a nice variety of foods to choose from.