Saturday, January 28, 2006

Home Plate Burgers-Closed

Home Plate Burgers
7615 Reseda Blvd.

With a huge sign that says Detroit Coney Island Chili Dogs, Home Plate Burgers seemed like an interesting place to try. Big mistake. When hot dogs are an after thought, after all it is called Home Plate BURGERS, don't get hot dogs from there.

I had a Detroit Coney Island Chili Dog and a regular hot dog with mustard, onions, and relish for $6.50. I tried the regular hot dog first. One bite and I needed some a knife to get the hot dog. Way over cooked, must have been on the grill for about five hours. TERRIBLE. The bun wasn't steamed or anything. The toppings were fine but with the hot dog so tough, not even worth it.

Before trying the chili dog, I thought about going to a steakhouse and getting one of their steak knifes. But goodthing the chili dog was cooked just right. Decent snap but not a great flavor, kinda bland. The chili was ok, a little on the thick side and not spicy at all.

The service was ok. When I first went up, I didn't know if the place was opened or not. She pops her head from a wall and comes to the window. Since it's my first time there, I don't know what to order so I told her give me a minute please. I decide on my order and she stays in the back by the grill and says shout my order. What am I? A drill sargent? I order and she gets my order out pretty quickly. But she wasn't exactly friendly or welcome. I think I interrupted her phone time since the minute she gave me my order, she was on her cell phone.

I won't go back. I read the review on The Hot Dog Spot and that fat racist idiot, said Home Plate Burgers was home of the foot long hot dogs, the sign did in fact did say Home of the Footlong. But now that sign has changed to Detroit Coney Island Chili Dogs. A change not for the better.