Friday, June 26, 2009

Dante's Italian Deli-Closed

Dante's Italian Deli
958 N Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

After reading about Dante's Italian Deli on Mother May I I knew there was something familiar about this place. Then I realized it used to be Giuseppe's Italian Deli. They current owners bought Giuseppe's about two years ago and changed the name to Dante's.

From Mother May I I learned that between 2-5pm all sandwiches and pizza are half off!! But be careful, there are no signs, at least from what I could see, for this half off special. So make sure you ask for that the special is still valid. I decided to try Dante's.

I got the small Italian ($5.75) and Grilled Chicken ($6.25). The total with $7.11 for both sandwiches. Not sure how they got $7.11, now that I think about. Half of $12 should be $6 and even with tax, it should still be under $7, though I am reading off their to go menu and maybe it wasn't updated? Mother May I paid $6.99 for the same two sandwiches and that is high since tax on $6 would be about 60 cents.

The Italian comes with salami, mortadella, coppacola, ham provolne cheese. I asked for mayo instead of Italian dressing and lettuce and tomatoes. I'm not a big fan of Italian sandwiches because they all taste like baloney to me, and I hate baloney. But they use good quality meats, Boar's Head, and this sandwich was very fresh. I loved the firm chewy texture of the bread. A much better bread than what Giuseppe used. I was impressed with this sandwich.

The Grilled Chicken comes with mozzarella, tomato, and a roasted garlic herb spread. They cooked this to order so expect a few minutes wait. The chicken is bland and lacks flavor. But they give you a ton of chicken. The bread, with the same chewy firm texture, held up well to the moisture of the sandwich. I wouldn't order this again.

Service is good.

I think the prices here are high and even at half priced I don't think it is worth it. Yes, the use good quality meats but other delis use as good, if not better quality meats and they don't charge as much.

I may come back every once in awhile but I wouldn't rush back here.