Thursday, June 25, 2009

BBQ Co-Closed

4077 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey

BBQ Co used to be Benny's BBQ or Benny's just changed the name. Either way the BBQ is still pretty bad.

I got the lunch special, $7.95, pork rib, beef rib, and a link with cole slaw and corn on the cobb. This would be a great deal if the BBQ was any good.

The beef rib was very dry and only had a hint of smoke flavor. This may have been better if it wasn't sitting in a warmer for so long. I would bet this was smoked two or three days ago. The rib did have a ton of meat on it.

The link, they actually say 6 slices of link, they shouldn't bother cutting it, but the link was pretty good but again a bit dry, the casing was so brittle!! The link had good flavor and a nice kick. But the slicing of the link showed the links have a lot of fillers, which is never a good thing. Again I would like to try this when it isn't so dry

The pork rib was dry, but just like the beef rib, it had a ton of meat. Both the pork and beef ribs were the same size, which is very unusual. The ribs had a decent smoke flavor, wasn't fatty, and would be ok if it was fresh!!

The cole slaw looked terrible, the cabbage had turned a different color. I didn't even want it anyways and didn't touch it. The corn on the cob I didn't touch either but it wasn't hot at all. What a terrible way to present food.

Service is below average. The girl had a lot of attitude and wasn't friendly. BBQ Co is right next to Brennan's Pub parking lot. But there are signs that say Brennan's Pub parking only. Violators will be towed. The girl asked would that be for here or to go? I asked can I park my car at Brennan's? With a lot of attitude, she asked would that be for here or to go? I told her I need to know if I can park my car at Brennan's, because I wanted to eat there. Lots and lots of attitude.

BBQ Co is among the worst BBQ restaurants in LA. The ribs are so dry and aren't fresh. There is no reason for me to go back.