Saturday, July 02, 2005

Benny's Bar B Q-Closed

Benny's BBQ
4077 Lincoln Blvd (just South of Washington Blvd)
Marina del Ray, CA 90292
310 821 6939

For me, BBQ is only one thing: PORK SPARE RIBS!!!!!!!! None of this pulled pork, choped pork, beef ribs or sliced beef stuff. Give me a rack of pork spare ribs, a good BBQ sauce, on the side, that isn't too sweet or too hot, and I'm a happy man. I love authentic BBQ, where the meat is coated in a nice rub then cooked with the smoke of hardwood like hickory, mesquite, or apple and cherry wood.

Most people prefer having their ribs "fall off the bone" but to me that is too well done. I prefer the meat to have some resistance when I'm tearing the meat from the bone. I do not like the St. Louis style rib. I like the entire long end ribs.

But I do not consider myself a BBQ snob. I can enjoy ribs from Tony Roma's and Lucille's BBQ which are cooked in an oven at high heat and "finished" on the grill and brushed with BBQ sauce.

Most BBQ places offer two sides, like mac or potato salad, beans, mac and cheese or cole slaw. I sure as hell don't go to BBQ for the sides and I usually only think of sides as icing on the cake, so to speak. If a BBQ place has great ribs and the two sides are terrible, I still will go back just for the ribs.

Tonight, Saturday July 2nd, I went to Benny's Bar B Q in Marina del Rey.

I had been there about six weeks before but in a very rare instance I ordered the beef brisket on a bun. The sandwich is pretty darn good. The sauce was on the sweet side but I liked it. The service was very good and the girl behind the counter was one hell of a good looking woman.

Tonight I order the Long End pork ribs for $10.77 tax included. You get 6 ribs and cornbread. The ribs lacked the rub and worse, they did not take off the membrane that allows for the spices and the smoke to pentrate the meat. But the overall the ribs were good. They weren't falling off the bone, which to me is a huge plus. The ribs were meaty and well worth the money. I was full after three ribs.

The hottie from my other visit wasn't there but a pretty friendly girl was helpful and service was good. Though she was wondering why the hell I was taking pictures of the food and restaurant.

Benny's in mostly take out but they have about 5 tables. There is plenty of street parking and there is a side lot. Remember that Lincoln Blvd is a very busy street.

If you're going or coming from the LA airport (LAX) Benny's is about 7 miles away. I will review another BBQ that is about two miles from LAX later.