Monday, November 12, 2007


1833 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles

I heard about Colombo's about three years ago. I drove past it when I went to the Blue Hen last year and Casa Bianca, this past summer. So finally I decided to go to Colombo's for dinner.

This old style restaurant has red vinyl seats, wood planeling and grandmas as servers. What I didn't know was they have live entertainment, the night I went they had a nice jazz band.

I didn't realize Colombo's billed itself as an Italian steakhouse. So I decided to try their cracked peppeer crusted New York strip steak, $17.95. The steak was topped with crispy onions, in a red wine sauce and came with parmesan veggies and a baked potato, but I asked for double veggies. The steak was cooked perfectly, medium rare. It had a very nice flavor and tenderness. It wasn't melt in your mouth, tender but it was very tender and good for the price. But I didn't taste any of the red wine sauce. I tasted a lot of the cracked pepper which added to the flavor of the steak. The veggies were great though I only ate the carrots and broccoli. They were cooked just right. A little crispy but not too crispy and just soft enough that you didn't feel like you were eating raw veggies.

The sauteed shrimp served scampi style looked very good. Huge, jumbo shrimp in a white wine sauce served with linguini. The chicken parmesan looked so good. Two huge breaded breast pieces topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce served with spaghetti.

The service was just plain terrible. The old lady was nice enough. But I asked for steak sauce and never got it. We asked for lemons for the shrimp scampi and never got it. After she dropped off our dinners, she didn't come back until she dropped off the check. The busboy refilled our drinks. She didn't come back to ask how everything was. She wasn't rude when she was actually at our table but we weren't getting any attention from her.

I would go back to Colombo's but I would not want the server we had. She was just plain terrible. But the food and prices are very good.