Friday, November 09, 2007

Five Crowns

Five Crowns
3801 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar

Memories. I had fond memories of Five Crowns. Great food, great service. But that was back in the late 80's, early 90's. Now it's 2007 and I'm sorry to say that both the food and service was slipped to unacceptable levels. Five Crowns in a part of the Lawry's family, so they say the prime is the draw. Well if you want prime rib, go to Lawry's and get the royal treatment.

I got the Henry the VIII cut of prime rib, $40 with corn instead of mashed potatoes. The prime rib was medium rare, just as I ordered. But there was a ring of fat around the inner part. Not good. This cut is suppose to be 20oz and that includes a 4oz bone. They should add, 4oz of fat. What meat there was, was lacking in flavor and tenderness. The corn was about as good as nuking some frozen corn.

As for the service. The ending left a lot to be desired. Before paying the bill, our server was good. He was helpful, answering our questions, and prompt, we had drinks refilled, our food came out quickly and was as we ordered. But when we paid, my buddy had one of those discount cards. The card was buy one entree and get the other free, up to $24. So when we got the bill, my friend didn't give our server the discount card. So he puts the discount card into the, but we didn't pay. The server comes up and asks, will that be cash or credit card. We ask him about the discount card. He says he would take care of that. Then he had the gull to ask for payment so he wouldn't waste another trip!!!!!!! That F***ing GULL. I put the *** in there. I'm not eating at any restaurant to make it easier for the server. If the extra trip to my table is too much, get another job. What laziness of some servers.

I would not go back to Five Crowns again. The food was below average and not worth the price. The service just plain sucks.