Friday, November 09, 2007

Valley Ranch Barbeque-Closed

Valley Ranch Barbeque
16623 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406-3735
(818) 989-1300

Think of Love's or Victoria Station. Think of the 1970's. That's what I feel going to Valley Ranch Barbeque. This old fashioned BBQ place bills itself as the same chef for 25 years.

You know me, I love spare ribs. But this place only had the yuppie babyback ribs. So I ordered the lite dinner portion, $12.99, which is about six to seven ribs. The dinner includes three sides, salad, corn on the cob, and fruit cocktail. The ribs, which I asked for sauce on the side, was pretty meaty but on the tough side. They weren't tender, which they should be, since they are babybacks. They didn't have a smoke flavor. They are not smoked but cooked over wood. The salad was fresh but nothing special. The corn on the cob was so bland, I had to check to make sure what I was eating. No flavor at all, even with the butter. The fruit cocktail, I didn't touch.

Service was good. The lady was very nice and helpful. But she wasn't around a lot. The host came by to refill drinks more than the server. But she got my order right and was friendly.

There are much better BBQ options in the Valley, Mom's and Swinging Door, even Dr. Hogly Wogly is better. So there is no need for me to go back to Valley Ranch.