Saturday, May 26, 2007

Casa Bianca

Casa Bianca
1650 Colorado

Expectations. There are some places that I have high expectations for. Casa Bianca is one of them. I have heard so many good things about the pizza at Casa Bianca. Well they didn't come close to being met.

Casa Bianca is in the Eagle Rock area of LA. I was very impressed when I saw the American flag flying in front the restaurant. When I put my name on the list, they said the wait would be about 45 minutes. I understood, it's a Saturday night and they were busy. So we wait and do get seated in that 45 minute time frame. We order a half pepperoni and half cheese pizza. The server told us the pizza is taking longer than usual. We figured no problem. Well the pizza finally arrives and it looks burnt. It was certainly too well done. The pepperoni was also burned and/or too well done. I wasn't impressed at all. We had been waiting for so long and it would have taken another 20-30 minutes for another pizza to arrive.

Other than the wait, the service was good. Our server was friendly and attentive. She can't help how slow the cooks are. But overall service there is below average.

Casa Bianca was a huge disappointment. I would not go back again. Even if there wasn't a wait, the pizza was terrible. A good pizza place wouldn't mess up on pizza, even on a slow night.

Update August 13, 2009.

Ok I said I wouldn't go back to Casa Bianca but I did make it back. Actually after the diaster at Palate, a group went to Casa Bianca and had a large sausage pizza which was sooo damn good compared to the first time I went. I was so impressed, I had to go back again.

So I went back and got half sausage and half pepperoni, $17.40. This wasn't as good as the sausage pizza I got earlier but still much better than the first time I went. First the pizza wasn't burnt, so that is always a plus. The crust was the same thin crust. Lots of toppings and cheese.

The pepperoni slices were just too salty for my taste. Not a good start.

The sausage was much better. They make their own sausage at Casa Bianca. A good quality sausage with fennel seeds inside, well seasoned and tasty. Sausage is the way to go at Casa Bianca.

One thing I did find out, Casa Bianca cuts their pizza in a Star of David shape, not the traditional way.

Service was good. I was greeted right away when I walked in and the young girl, who took my order, was very nice.

Again sausage is the way to go at Casa Bianca. I'm glad that I'm a very opened minded person and gave Casa Bianca another chance. Would I rush back, not really. But I'm not so against going to Casa Bianca again.