Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cafe Hildalgo

Cafe Hildalgo
305 N. Harbor Blvd.

Cafe Hildalgo is a restaurant that servers Latin American food in lily white Orange County. Located in downtown Fullerton, parking can be a problem.

I ordered the grilled fish tacos,$8.95, which is fresh grilled halibut, lettuce and pico de gallo wrapped up in a flour tortilla served with rice, black beans and fresh fruit. One bite into the taco, I knew made a mistake ordering the taco. The fish was so dry and flavorless. Even putting the pico de gallo didn't help. Sure they trick you into thinking you're getting a huge burrito but it's mostly lettuce and a very thin, dry piece of halibut. The veggies and fruits were fresh. I didn't bother with the black beans.

Service was OK. Nothing great but nothing bad either.

I would not go back to Cafe Hildalgo again. While the price of the taco was fair, the tacos were dry and flavorless. Also I think of lot of their other menu items are overpriced.