Monday, October 03, 2011

Nicky D's Wood-Fired Pizza-Closed

Nicky D's Wood-Fired Pizza
2764 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles

Silverlake has some damn good pizza places, including Tomato Pie and Garage Pizza. I heard some great things about Nicky D's Wood-Fired Pizza and decided to give them a try.

Nicky D's is basically a house that has been converted into a restaurant. There is a very small parking lot and then you climb a few stairs to get to the restaurant. You actually walk into the dining area at the top of the stairs. The place to order is in the middle of the building. The kitchen is the back part of the building and the wood fire oven is right there!

I ordered a medium, half cheese and half sausage, $14.63. The first thing I noticed about the pizza was the thin crust, maybe not exactly like New York thin crust, but good. When I took a bite, the texture was perfect, a bite chewy but firm. I really liked the crust. The cheese was piled on and good gooey cheese. The sausage was large slices of good quality meat, without many fillers. This was a very good pizza and I loved the crust.

Service was very good. I was greeted once I walked into the ordering area. That doesn't happen too often, which is a sad commentary about the restaurant business. The guy who took my order was helpful, answering my questions about how big the medium pizza were and asking if I wanted a beer while waiting for pizza. While I didn't get a beer, I liked his low pressure, subtle sales pitch. I sat down at a table, while waiting for the pizza. A young girl came up and asked "You didn't get anything to drink." and then handed me an individual sized pizza. I told her I didn't order this. She asked what did I order and got my pizza. She was also very nice and helpful. Nicky D's can teach many other restaurants about good customer service.

I would go back to Nicky D's anytime. Is it better than Tomato Pie or Garage Pizza? Put it this way, I wouldn't complain if I was forced to go to any of three. You people in Silverlake are lucky, you got some very good pizza places in your area.