Thursday, February 12, 2009

Garage Pizza

Garage Pizza
4339 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

Dear Village Pizzeria,

I'm sorry to say I'm having an affair with another pizza place. Garage Pizza was brough to my attention by one of the few people on Yelp, who is worth a damn. Now I have found another pizza place that comes close to you, Village Pizzeria, for thin crust, NY style pizza. Village Pizza you are still the first place I think about when I want NY style pizza.

I got a cheese and pepperoni slice, $6.50. The cheese was awesome. A very nice crust, lots of sauce, and nice gooey cheese. The sauce wasn't tangy or overpowering, a mild subtle sauce that was very good.

The pepperoni was just as good as the cheese. They could have put more pepperoni but those that were on the pizza had a nice flavor and spiciness to them.

Service is good. Two guys from Detroit, own Garage Pizza. How do I know? They have a Red Wings fan parking sign and a Tigers pennant on the wall.

I would go back here anytime. I still think Village Pizzeria is the best. But Garage Pizza comes close.