Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cook's Tortas

Cook's Tortas
1944 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park

I heard that Cook's Torta had a wide variety of torta and not the usual meats you get at most Mexican restaurants. I have heard Cook's Torta described as a Mexican fusion, but whatever. I just wanted to see if the tortas were good.

Cook's Torta has no sign on the front or west facing part of the store. I was coming south on Atlantic and missed it, because the only sign is on the south side of the building, and not visible when driving south on Atlantic. Anyways, a quick legal u-turn and I was there. From the looks of this building, this was an old Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I looked at there wall menu, the north side wall, has their entire torta menu. All tortas are $7.79 and includes one side. I got the shrimp Po'Boy-spice battered shrimp, avocado-red onion remoulade, and lettuce.

WOW, was this great. The torta was bursting with shrimp, always a good sign when they pile on the meat. The bread was a soft chewy, almost ciabatta like bread, that was slighty and perfectly toasted, and stood up very well to all the remoulade and shrimp. The avocado-red onion remoulade was mixed well with mayo and added a subtle taste to the torta. But the best part was the shrimp. It was so fresh, it may have been in the Pacific Ocean that morning. It was well seasoned with some chili power and cumin. It was lightly battered and fried to perfectly.

Service by the cashier was OK. She just went through the motions. She wasn't the most friendly or welcoming person. Service by the girl who brought my food, was good. She was nice and friendly. They call out the number, as they are walking to the table. When they called my number, I was looking around for my receipt, which had dropped to the floor. I kind of raised my hand, she came over and gave me my order. I told her I can't find the receipt, but she said don't worry about. I did find it as she was leaving.

I would go back just for this shrimp po' boy, but I do want to try a couple of their other tortas.