Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dal Rae Restaurant

Dal Rae Restaurant
9023 Washington Blvd
Pico Rivera

The Dal Rae has been on my list of restaurants to try for about five years. I love the idea of an old school steakhouse. I made plans to go to Dal Rae before, but they fell through. So during DineLA week, was going to Dal Rae, if I had to eat dinner alone!! Luckily, two good friends were able to join me.

DineLA is a promotional offer, where a three course dinner, is offered at $26, $34, or $44. The Dal Rae is always on the DineLA list. DineLA is usually offered twice a year, so check them out. There are some great deals.

Dal Rae's DineLA dinner offer, was your choice from three different appetizers, entrees, and desserts, all for $34!! A steal of a price.

FRIED CALAMARI-lightly battered and fried to a golden brown, this is how calamari should be fried. The calamari itself was very fresh, not chewy or tough at all. It comes with a very spicy marinara sauce and a lemon butter sauce, that was outstanding- a great dipping sauce for the calamari.

The calamari is regularly priced at $11.95. I'm guessing during DineLA, we got a half sized portion, which was the perfect size.

PETITE PEPPER FILET MIGNON- This goes for $32.50 on the regular menu and comes with green beans and a side, I got rice pilaf. So at $34 with two other course, it's a steal. I asked for and got the steak cooked medium. The steak was about 6oz and was so tender and flavorful. As the name says, it's a pepper steak, so there is lots of pepper, which I like. The pepper is combined with green onions, and I believe some garlic. The flavors all blended together perfectly. A great great steak.

GOLD BRICK SUNDAE IN A LACE COOKIE- the cookie had an almond taste to it and was light and crunchy. The ice cream might have been Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, it was very rich and creamy. A chocolate candy-like topping added to the richness of this great dessert.

Service was good, if a bit slow. The lady was very nice and friendly. But, it took awhile for her to comeback and take our drink orders and after getting drinks, it was a long wait before she took our orders. It was fairly busy, but nothing overwhelming. Not sure the reason for the long waits.

I would gladly go back to the Dal Rae again!! The ironic thing is, I noticed during DineLA the Dal Rae also serves lunch. So, I called and they told me, there was some flooding and they would be closed until Wednesday Oct 12th. Hopefully, the damage wasn't too severe and the Dal Rae quickly reopens. I want to go back, SOON!!