Friday, May 27, 2011

Papaya King-Closed

Papaya King
1645 Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles
(323) 871-8799

With our worthless President, doing nothing about the bad economy, I was surprised to find that two hot dogs places have opened up near hot dogs places in Los Angeles, that The New Diner has reviewed. In North Hollywood, Otis Jackson's Soul Dog opened near Vicious Dogs.

And in Hollywood, Papaya King, a New York City institution has opened near Skooby's.

I got the original combo, $5.50, 2 hot dogs; one with New York onions and the other with New York onions and sauerkraut, and a papaya drink.

The hot dogs and buns are made by Sabrett, The hot dogs are ok, nothing great or memorable about them. The New York onions is a tomato based sauce mixed with onions. It's ok, nothing great. The sauerkraut was hot and had a nice tangy taste.

Service is terrible and slow. When I got the front of the line, the cashier, actually checked his text message, WTF? Who does this crap right in the middle of work? He was nice but checking your texts is just rude. I noticed that the menu price for my combo was $5.25 and I was charged $5.50, either the menu price is wrong or he charged me for a topping. It wasn't tax, because tax would have been about 50 cents.

Then I waited for my order, and even though there were at least six people working behind the counter, it took forever to get the orders out. I don't know why they are soodamn slow, but it's stupid. They need to train these employees much better and the employees need to work faster. I don't give a damn if this was their first week of business. They are sorely lack customer service!!

Skooby's beats this crappy place by a mile. There is no reason for me to return. To be honest, I would rather buy a $500 plane ticket to New York, and see the sites of New York than stop in at this sorry Papaya King in LA.