Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vicious Dogs

Amy K, is from Chicago and said the Chicago dog here is very good. Now I'll be honest, I think Yelp is filled with a bunch of liberal assholes, who voted for the wrong candidate for President and wouldn't have a clue if an 18 wheeler ran them over. But even those assholes may find a good restaurant every now and then. Amy K is pretty cool, though her choice of baseball teams leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. Plus being from Chicago she must know her hot dogs.

So I go to Vicious Dogs and I have high expectations. So I ordered just the all beef Vienna dog, $2.99, but I don't like all the crap that comes on a Chicago dog. So I just ask for mustard and onions. The manager says, you can put the condiments on yourself from the table. OK I figured. You can get your hot dog grilled, charbroiled or fried. I asked for grilled but got a light charbroiled. Not off to a good start. Then I go to the condiment table and the onions are in a container and the mustard is regular French's mustard. Nothing fancy, but what the hell?

So I bite into the dog. It's a good sized dog but doesn't have a good snap. Terrible in fact, almost as if there isn't a casing. Or the damn kid burned the casing off. But once you got past the charbroiled, the hot dog was OK, nothing great and certainly not how Amy K described it. The only thing I did like about the hot dog was that it came on a steamed poppy seed bun.

Service was bad. From the first picture you can see the manager sitting outside reading the paper. I thought he was a customer but no, he's the manager. Inside I see a couple surfing the net and hanging out, again, I figure they are customers. So the guy from out front comes in asks what I want, I place an order for the Chicago dog. Then the kid comes up from cyberspace and starts cooking my hot dog.
They are friendly enough but damn at least pretend like you work there.

I would not go back to Vicious Dogs again. I had high hopes but they didn't come close to being met.