Friday, October 21, 2005


6654 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

WOW what a great surprise. After the disaster that was Taste Chicago, I go to Skooby's. But since it's a Friday night on Hollywood Blvd, parking can be and was a pain in the butt. It was terrible. Next time I go and I will go back soon it will take the Red Line Metrorail to the Kodak Theatre and then either walk or take a bus to Skooby's.

I first ordered the Skooby's Original Dog for $2.50 with onions and relish, I had to put on the regular yellow mustard as they only have brown mustard. Boy was I surprised!!! A great hot dog. Very nice snap and the bun was toasted on the grill and is the best hot dog buns anywhere!!! I'm so impressed I order the Bacon Cheedar Dog for $4. Again great snap with the hot dog. The mixture of spices in Skooby's Hot Dogs make it one of the best hot dogs I've ever had. Lots of bacon and cheedar cheese and yellow mustard. What great stuff.

I'm sooo damn impressed with Skooby's. I would go back again very soon.

July 1, 2009

Ok, very soon became almost two and half years but I finally made it back to Skooby's. The Original Dog was on special for $2.00 and I got it. This was served plain and I put on yellow mustard and raw onions, as you can see on the bottom picture.

It is great to know that the quality of the hot dog has not changed at all. A great hot dog with a wonderful snap, nice texture and seasoning, just wonderful.

A major plus was being able to wash this down with Coke made with real cane sugar, none of the HFCS junk.

Service is good.

To me this is the best hot dog place in LA, especially now that Weiner Factory has closed down.