Friday, October 21, 2005

Taste Chicago

Taste Chicago
603 N Hollywood Way

Maybe it's because the Chicago White Sox are in the World Series but I was hungry for some more Chicago style hot dogs. So I decide to go to Taste Chicago in Burbank. Big mistake. First there were three accidents driving there, bunch of idiots driving and not paying attention. Next I get to Taste of Chicago and six people are in front of me in line and only one person taking orders. So after about a twenty minute wait I order a Chicago Dog with no peppers and you had to request the bright green relish for $3.84.

After another ten minute wait for the food, my Chicago dog finally arrives. As I was watching the guy behind the counter make the hot dog, he put the peppers onto my hot dog then looked at the order and took the peppers off. The bun was a plain hot dog bun no the poppyseed bun that are standard for Chicago dogs. The hot dog was flavorless and bland. The toppings were pretty fresh but didn't make up for the lack of flavor of the hot dog.

Not impressed at all. This place is very expensive and not worth the wait or the drive out there. I wouldn't go back. Not a good example of Chicago style hot dogs.