Friday, May 20, 2011

Allen's Take Out-Closed

Allen's Take Out
6541 Greenleaf Ave

Not sure what is it about Whittier, but bad service, at BBQ restaurants seems to be a theme. I got bad service at Red Oak BBQ and I got even worst service at Allen's Take Out. I found out about Allen's, and decided to give their Friday, all you can eat ribs night a try.

All you can eat spare ribs, $10.99. The ribs are cooked in a oven, there is no smoke flavor at all. It's ok, but nothing I can't do at home. I also got a bunch of rib tips, not actual ribs. The ribs were fairly tender, but lots and lots of gristle and fat. I got two more servings and both were more of the same, lots of gristle and fat, mostly rib tips. The bbq sauce was a tomato base sauce, that was bit too sweet, for my tastes.

As I mentioned service was terrible. I was greeted when I walked in but it went downhill from there. I never got any silverware, I had to wait and wait to get the second servings. Nobody bothered to ask how the ribs were. Just terrible service, maybe one of the worst I've ever had.

I would never go back to this place again. The fact that it's not real BBQ, I can live with. But terrible service should never be rewarded!!