Sunday, May 08, 2011

Livonia Glatt Market

Livonia Glatt Market
8922 W Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles
(310) 271-4343

I have not been to Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory in a very long time. Since I was in the area, I decided to pick up some sausage to grill up for dinner this week. When I parked in the back of Jeff's, I saw Livonia Glatt Market. They were cooking up some kebobs, which they do only on Sunday. So, I decided that the kebobs will be my dinner tonight.

While the cooking area is outside, you go inside the store to place and pay for your order. They have beef, chicken and the ground beef and chicken kebobs.

I got the barg kebob, which is marinated beef, $9. The other kebob in the picture is the cornish hen, also $9. I thought they would make each order separate but they combined both orders. The orders come with a flat bread, which is like a tortilla, grilled tomatoes and basil and onions.

I'm guessing the barg kebob was a sirloin cut, because the beef was very tender and flavorful. I liked the large portion. This was well seasoned, I'm guessing they marinated this with some yogurt, and robust flavor came through.

Service disorganized. The cooks need to tell customers the process. You have to pay inside and then bring your receipt back to the grill area. It took a big long to get the food, considering they had a lot of cooks and grills. It took awhile for my order to get onto the grill. The young lady at the cash register was average, they went through the motions, like a robot. Not much help at all.

I did like the kebobs and would go back, but I can see where first timers maybe turned off by the ordering process and not go back. I hope they fix the ordering process because the kebobs are very good.