Friday, May 06, 2011

Tijuana's Tacos

Tijuana's Tacos
485 W Holt Ave
Ste A
(909) 469-4730

I knew there had to be some good tacos places in Pomona. A quick search online, led me to Tijuana's Tacos on Holt Blvd. It's a bit tough to find, because a huge tree blocks the building. But, it's well worth your time to find it, because Tijuana's Tacos has some great tacos.

All tacos are $1.35, I got asada, carnitas, and el pastor. The tacos come with cilantro, onions, and guacamole, which I asked for it on the side. When my tacos arrived, I was very pleased with the huge amount of meats on the tacos. They are well worth the price!!

In the first picture: asada taco is on the left and the el pastor taco is on the right.

Second picture: carnitas taco on the left and asada taco on the right.

The asada was my least favorite, because it had too much fat and gristle. The little lean meat was ok, decent flavor, but I've had better.

The carnitas was a bit dry, but overall I liked it. Well seasoned and nice flavor. I think this could be a very good example of carnitas, so I'll come back again soon and give it another try.

The el pastor was awesome!!! The el pastor is broiled in a vertical broiler and cooked to perfection. Tender, flavorful, well seasoned, and just awesome.

Service was very good. The lady who took my order was very nice and helpful. When I asked what meat was cooking in the vertical broiler, she said the el pastor and then gave me a sample to try. I didn't ask for it, but she was nice enough to let me try it.

I'm glad I don't have to go very far to get good tacos. I'll come back to Tijuana's Tacos, anytime.