Monday, May 02, 2011

25 Degrees

May 1, 2011. At 7:46pm, I got a text message saying that bastard had been killed by U.S. Navy SEALS!!! I'm always proud to be an American, but some days, that pride shows more. I was overjoyed with happiness when I heard that American military forces killed that bastard!!!!!

The bullet that killed that bastard, was brought to him COURTESY of the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!!!!

After I heard the news last night, I drove around town and looked at all the banners honoring those who are serving in the military. I drove by the local fire station. I had Toby Keith's Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue playing. I am not ashamed to say I had tears running down my cheeks. There were times I thought I would never see this day. But, I'm so glad that justice has been done!!!

But really, it's a bitter sweet day. I think about all the families who lost a son or daughter in the wars after 9-11. I think about all the families who still have a son or daughter, fighting overseas and wish they come back home safe and soon!!! Of course, I think about all the families who lost a loved one, on 9-11. I hope now, with that bastard being killed, all the families affected by 9-11 can start healing.

So, today May 2, 2011, I wanted to go into Los Angeles. I wanted to see that skyline. I wanted to be around a large group of fellow Americans.

But, the first place I went was the Los Angeles Fire Department's training center, near Dodger Stadium. The center has a Memorial, a piece of steel from the South Tower of the World Trade Center, to honor the 343 New York City firefighters who lost their lives on 9-11.

Then I wanted to have a burger. There is nothing more American, than a burger. So I decided to finally go to 25 Degrees, which is in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Another entry in the gourmet burger battle of LA.

25 Degrees
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles

Burger #1, caramelized onions, bacon, 1000, arugula, crescenza & prelilbato gorgonzola cheese, $12. This is a great, great burger. The first thing I noticed, was the two huge strips of bacon, pointing out of the burger, that's always a plus. And this bacon was awesome, thick cut, full of smokey flavor and just wonderful. The meat used for the burger is some good quality beef. Moist and full of flavor. The thing I loved about the meat was it was served hot, I could feel how hot the burger was. Nothing was prepared and sitting under heat lamps.

The bun was a bit too well done, the crust was like a French roll that crumbling, but the bun held up very well to the all the toppings.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of onions on my burgers, but these onions, along with the two cheeses, crescenza & prelilbato gorgonzola cheese, just made a wonderful combination. The crescenza had a sharp taste to it, when the prelilbato gorgonzola added a salty flavor to the burger. I thought they put a bit too much of the cheese, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. But, the large amount a cheese, helped hide the taste of arugula, which I hate. But with with some of the minor flaws, this is a wonderful burger.

Now, the server asked what side I wanted, and I picked the onion rings, which are normally $4. The way the server asked about the side, it seemed as though a side came with the burger. But, I noticed other people did not get a side with their burger. Then I noticed, I wasn't charged for the side. So, it maybe a special on Monday or she just forgot. Anyways, the onion rings were lightly battered and fried to a golden brown, they were wonderful!!! This is well worth the $4 price tag and a steal at the $2 happy hour price.

Service was OK. The server came quickly to my table and was very nice and friendly. She answered all my questions, I didn't realize the Hollywood location is opened 24hours and she said try the sausage for breakfast. Hell, I love the bacon, so I may just have to have both the bacon and sausage for breakfast.

But, after she brought my drink, she stopped at a table with a guy waiting for his to go order, and stood there and talked to him for about ten minutes. That is very unprofessional. Yes, it didn't really affect me, my drink had just been delivered, my food when it arrived was served hot and I didn't have to wait any longer than normal for the food to arrive, but it may have affected other people in the restaurant.

I would go back to 25 Degrees for the burger, anytime. I may build my own burger, their other two burgers don't sound appealing to me; one has prosciutto and pesto-two things I hate, and the other has green chili. I will go back for breakfast.