Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fish House-Closed

The Fish House
3440 W Slauson Ave
Los Angeles

In the same parking lot as Woody's BBQ, is The Fish House; your typical you buy, they fry, fish place.

Combination Dinner A; 4 pieces of sole fillet and 4 jumbo shrimp, $8.99, with mac salad and hush puppies. You can pick what kind of fish you want fried. They have buffalo, whiting, sole, and red snapper. I got the sole. They use cottonseed oil used to fry the fish. The fish is coated in a cornmeal batter that is a bit saltier than other fried fish places. But, the fish is fried to a golden brown, the corn meal is light and crunchy. The tartar sauce is also saltier, but I liked this. The saltiness just worked very well together.

The jumbo shrimp was always coated in that cornmeal batter. The shrimp was fresh, tender, and flavorful. I wish they would have cocktail sauce instead of just straight hot sauce.

The owner is a very nice lady. She greets you and is helpful. She isn't like a lot of Korean store owners, who are rude and have no idea about customer service.

I would go back to The Fish House, anytime. The prices are great. The fish and shrimp are fresh and they are fried to perfection!!