Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woody's Bar-B-Que-LA

Woody's Bar-B-Que
3446 W Slauson Ave
Los Angeles

I wasn't that impressed with the Woody's in Rancho Cucamonga but people have told me to go to the original Woody's on Slauson, in LA. So I finally made it there. Oh, the Rancho location is now closed. Woody's is trying to find a Rialto location.

I ordered the half rack of pork ribs, 10.11. Now I want to point out something to readers of The New Diner, I do not go to BBQ places for the sides. Why would I care if the cole slaw or mac salad is good? It is all about the meat at BBQ places!!! If I'm paying $10 or so for a dinner, the main cost of that dinner is the meat!!!

The ribs had a nice bark, and an OK smoke ring and flavor. Woody uses good quality ribs, that are meaty and do not have much fat. But for BBQ ribs, they weren't that great. I wasn't impressed with the smoke flavor, there was some smoke flavor but it wasn't anything great. Something is just missing from the ribs here.

Service is good. Woody's is take out only.

I would not go back to Woody's again. They do use good quality ribs, they just don't do a good job BBQing the ribs.