Sunday, April 17, 2011

China Gate Restaurant-Closed

China Gate Restaurant
365 S Mountain Ave

I know, I must be on a Chinese food kick, since this will be the fourth Chinese restaurant, that I have reviewed in a row. But, I was in the area, and while I love San Biagios, I wasn't in the mood for pizza. But, I saw China Gate and a long line, that went out the front door, I figured, why not try it.

Like most Chinese restaurants, China Gate has a lunch special that includes soup, egg rolls, a cabbage salad, and your choice of entrees.

I got the wonton soup, the other choice was hot and sour soup. The soup was well seasoned, and the wontons were pretty good.

Chicken chow mein, $8.95. I got a full order of chicken chow mein, instead of the lunch special. The noodles were cooked perfectly and well seasoned. There were small amounts of green onions and cabbage. The chicken was cut very thin and there wasn't a large amount of chicken. But the chicken was nice and tender. A pretty good dish, but they could increase the amount of chicken.

Lunch special shrimp with snow peas, $7.95. I loved the sauce of this dish. It was so light, flavorful and just perfect with the snow peas and shrimp. There was a good amount of tender, flavorful shrimp. The snow peas were crispy, which I like, I hate mushy veggies.

Service was very good. I didn't lack for refills and the food came out hot, and quickly.

I enjoyed lunch at China Gate and would go back for lunch. I saw the prices for dinner and the shrimp with snow peas was $, at that price the portion size should increase by at least 25% of the lunch special portion.