Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taco Treat

Taco Treat
74 E Live Oak Ave

I dropped in at Taco Lita for the first time in over six months. While I was eating, another group of people talked about Taco Treat, and they mentioned it wasn't that far away. A quick check of my GPS and it was about a mile or so away.

So I decided to give Taco Treat a try. Taco Treat has more items than Taco Lita; tostadas and fried burritos, but I wanted to see how their tacos stacked up to Taco Lita.

Beef taco, $2.00. The taco had lettuce, cheddar and jack cheese, and onions. The first thing I noticed about these tacos, was the shell just crumbled after my first bite. Then I noticed the dry, bland meat. At Taco Lita, you can taste the cheese, because they put a lot of cheese. At Taco Treat, you barely notice the cheese.

Not only is Taco Lita 25 cents cheaper, but it is a better taco.

When I was ordering, the guy asked me if this was my first time at Taco Treat. I told him yes. He said would I like to try their fried bean and cheese burrito, for free to first time customers. I said sure why not. I didn't take pictures until after ordering food, so there is no way he could have thought I was doing a review. So, I assume they offer a free fried burrito to all first time customers. The fried burrito is $3.50 on the menu.

A fried burrito is a chimichanga, but I guess calling it a fried burrito gives it character? Anyways I did like the light flakey outside, but there wasn't a lot of bean and cheese inside. It was mostly the tortilla. The small amount of bean and chese was pretty bland. The fried burrito was great, being that it was free, but I wouldn't order this again.

Service is very good. The guy who took my order was nice and friendly. But, I noticed the lady who made my tacos, never put the cell phone down, talking the entire time I was there, and while she was making the tacos.

Of the two Americanized taco stands in Arcadia, Taco Lita and Taco Treat. It's clear to me that Taco Lita is so much better than Taco Treat.