Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Parlor

The Parlor
7250 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles

The Parlor is your normal sports bar, with bar food. I don't expect any sports bar to be a five star restaurant, I just want good quality food.

I wasn't really in the mood for wings or a burger, but the fish and chips, $12, sounded good, even though the server didn't know what kind of fish they used.

A few minutes my fish and chips arrived. First, I asked for and got well done fries. Very nice and crunchy outside and soft inside. Good start.

Then two huge portions of fish. I asked the guy who brought me the fish and chips what kind of fish, he didn't know but would ask the chef. About a minute later, he said the fish was basa fish.

So, I take a bite of the fish and the lightest, batter is covering the fish. This batter doesn't belong on fried fish. It was too light and just falling apart.

The basa fish was pretty good, light flakey and well cooked. What was interesting was the second piece was very salty compared to the first piece. Not sure why, I didn't add salt to anything on the plate.

Service was great. The place was packed, with wall to wall people, and the server was great, very nice and friendly.

I would order food again at The Parlor, the burgers and the chicken and beef skewers look good, but I wouldn't order the fish and chips again.