Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alina's Lebanese Cuisine

Alina's Lebanese Cuisine
2250 S Archibald Ave
Suite B

I am amazed to find Middle Eastern cuisine in the eastern part of the Inland Empire. I heard about Alina's Lebanese Cuisine, a few months ago and decided to give them a try.

I finally got a chance to try Alina's Lebanese Cuisine and overall, I was impressed.

Beef kebob, $10.99, with salad, rice and hummus. The salad was romaine lettuce topped with some pita chips. The lettuce was very fresh and was topped with a citrus dressing.

The rice is a rice pilaf, that had a nice flavor, though they could have made the portion size just a bit bigger.

The hummus was exactly how I like hummus, smooth texture and a mild, not tangy or sour taste.

The beef kebobs, were a bit dry, tough and lacked flavor and seasoning. The beef was select grade beef, it was tough and lacked flavor. The only good thing about the beef is the portion size, about half a pound of beef.

Chicken kebob, $8.99, also included the hummus and salad. But, what the beef lacked in flavor and seasoning, the chicken had it and more!! The chicken, about half a pound of white meat chicken, was cooked perfectly, so tender and quickly. And what flavor- good middle eastern seasonings, topped with lemon juicy.

Service was very good. The owner is nice and helpful.

I would go back to Alina's Lebanese Cuisine. While I didn't care for the beef kebobs, overall, I was impressed with quality of chicken kebobs and portion size.