Saturday, December 11, 2010

Liliana's Tamales

Liliana's Tamales
3448 E 1st St
Los Angeles

Further east on the Gold Line, at Indiana Station, is Liliana's Tamales. Liliana's Tamales was my second stop along the torta portion of the Sushi-Torta express. La Placita Del D.F.

Since it is the holidays, I wanted some tamales. I heard Liliana's Tamales, made some great tamales and I wanted to try it.

Tamale chili rojo con carne: $1.50. I like tamales, but it's not the first thing I order when I go to Mexican restaurants. This chili rojo con carne, was different than most tamales I've had. The masa was a bit different-the texture was off, and blended into the corn husks. The was a decent amount of beef but the masa really overwhelmed the beef.

Service is nice and friendly.

I wouldn't go back to Liliana's Tamales. I was expecting to be blown away but I was disappointed.

Despite going to two less than stellar restaurants along the Sushi-torta express, I will continue my search for good restaurants along this train line. But there is always La Serenata, which is across from Mariachi Plaza station and King Taco in East LA, which is across the street from the Maravilla Station.