Saturday, December 11, 2010

La Placita Del D.F.

La Placita Del D.F.
1859 E 1st St
Los Angeles

There are many great restaurants near the Metrorail subway system in LA. The Gold Line extension, that goes east to Atlantic Blvd, has been nicknamed Sushi-Torta Express, because it goes to Little Tokyo and East LA.

I decided to see for myself what the, torta portion of the Sushi-Torta Express has to offer. So I took the Gold Line to the Mariachi Plaza station and went to La Placita Del D.F., which is about a two block walk from the station.

I noticed a torta on the menu and go the torta Milanesa-breaded steak, $4.25, with mayo, cheese, and breaded steak. I loved the bread, lightly toasted, with a nice crust and nice chewy texture and held up well to all the steak. But I didn't like how fatty the steak was, just too much fat and gristle. The pieces of actual steak was a bit tough and chewy. This was really a greasy mess.

Service was pretty good, but if you don't speak Spanish, it's all point at pictures.

I wouldn't go back to La Placita Del D.F., at least not for the torta.

My next stop along the sushi-torta express Gold Line is Liliana's Tamales.