Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Willie's Grill & Deli

Willie's Grill & Deli
929 S Victory Blvd

Willie's Grill & Deli, is located inside a liquor store. It's the first thing you see, when you walk in. Willie's has a large selection of sandwiches, burgers, and fish and chips. There are two tables to eat there, but this is mainly a take out place.

Fish and chips and shrimp combo, $9.49. The fish is cod and while the cod was very good, the batter was soggy and a bit greasy. It's clear the fish had been sitting under heat lamps for awhile. This could have been very good, if this was freshly made. The tarter sauce was very good with a nice tangy flavor.

But the jumbo shrimp makes up for it. The shrimp was huge!! They use the same batter on the shrimp, as the fish and chips. But, the shrimp wasn't soggy or greasy. The shrimp itself was nice and fresh, nice texture.

The fries are steak fries and came nice and crispy.

This was well worth the price, even though the fish was a bit soggy.

Service leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn't greeted. Hello, learn customer service. But the cook was pretty nice, answering my questions and giving me an extra cup of tarter sauce.

But the cashier, was your typical liquor store cashier, not friendly, just give him the money and get out.

I would go back to Willie's but I would insist on getting a freshly fried fish. The fish was good enough to give another chance.